Session 1-9:00-10:00

Moodle 2.0 - A Look at its Features (Evan Abbey & Peggy Steinbronn - Room 304)

Other Key Information:
• We (AEA PD Online) were unable to do an upgrade of our 1.9 server, and instead had to do a fresh install and then manually upload courses. Directions for an upgrade exist on several places on the web however. Here are the directions from the site.
Here are directions from Miguel Guhlin, a Moodle Guru from San Antonio Community School District.
• The AEAs offer support for districts in the migration process. If you need assistance, please contact or your local AEA.
• On May 1, we will have on our statewide server a "What's New in Moodle 2.0" short course for teachers (who are previous users of Moodle 1.9). This is self-paced, giving teachers a walk-through of different features.

Session 2-10:15-11:15

10 Things You Need to Know About Teaching Online (Peggy Steinbronn & Evan Abbey - Room 304)

Other Key Information:
• Our instructor toolbox is located here.
• Project OLLIE is a 5-course sequence for instructors who are looking to become online teachers. We offer each course once per trimester (Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec). For more information on OLLIE, check out our website. To register, please visit our registration catalog.

Session 3-11:30-12:30

Session 5-2:45-3:45