Session 1-9:00-10:00

Session 2-10:15-11:15

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Session 3-11:30-12:30

1:1 in the Cloud - How Choosing a Cloud-Based Solution Impacts Student Learning
Presenters: Jason Markey - East Leyden High School Principal, Mikkel Storaasli - Leyden High School Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, & Steven Butschi - Google

Session Presentation

Tools mentioned in the Presentation
Wix: Photo Site demonstrated in the session

Chromebook Education - Official Google Site

Reference to SAMR from Sylvia Tolisano's blog Langwiches: Tool Set, Skill Set, Mind Set
Reference to "What Does Viral Learning Look Like?" from Dr. Kristen Swanson's blog
Below is Steven Johnson's explanation of "Where Good Ideas Come From" from his book.

Session 5-2:45-3:45